Leading in Vietnam – on par with world standard

Ø      Being in the top 10 list of ICT service providers in the region and across Asia.

Ø      Being the  1 st choice for customers in the ICT industry.



Connecting people

Ø      Providing a modern and robust ICT infrastructure for the socio-economic development of the country.

Ø      Meeting the ICT needs of customers anywhere and anytime.

Ø      Honoring the true values of staf in the new business environment.

Ø      Taking initiatives in social responsibility activities. 



Customer centric- Quality committed – Performance guaranteed

Ø      Customer-centric approach: VNPT always places customers at the core of our business and development strategy.

Ø      Quality-committed approach: Quality is central to VNPT’s work and the value we deliver to customers.

Ø      Performance-guaranteed approach: VNPT sees productivity as a measure of growth, a competitive advantage as well as our corporate responsibility towards the society.