VinaPhone and MobiFone to cooperate with HTC for HTC Wildfire product
Updated at: 06/09/2011 Facebook Youtube Youtube

This is what brings more benefits and more options for customers to enjoy preference when buying the HTC Wildfire S. With the cooperation with VinaPhone and MobiFone, users of HTC Wildfire S shall enjoy preference with total value up to VND 1,908,000, including Mobile TV, Mobile Internet services and Ringtunes/Ringtones.

 HTC Wildfire S is the Smartphone to start this strategic cooperation.  Inheriting the successful model HTC Wildfire™ which is very popular with young generation, HTC Wildfire S is a small and tidy mobile device with reasonable price but it includes strong and very interesting mobile experience. It enables users to maintain and create connection to relatives and friends via popular social webpage such as Facebook® and surf website quickly at anytime, anywhere with high customization level which is suitable with the need of users.

 The signing ceremony of cooperation agreement among VinaPhone, MobiFone and HTC
The signing ceremony of cooperation agreement among VinaPhone, MobiFone and HTC 
With 1GB free for monthly mobile internet service during 12 months, you can surf web or download hundreds of songs to your phone at anytime and in anywhere. You can take advantage of Android 2.3 OS and this free 3G data package to freely select and download to your phone and install applications from Android Market and share with your friends without worrying about arisen expenses.
Mobile TV package (including TV30) during 6 months allows users to freely watch domestic and international rich television programs in the 3.2 inch, lively color touch screen of HTC Wildfire S. Just with a touch, a wide world of information and entertainment shall be accessed more easily than ever. Customers can also freely install and change interesting ringtones for their phone during 12 months with free support from two operators.  HTC Wildfire S users shall enjoy high-speed data 3G service and experience connecting and sharing functions without worryingabout expenses./.