VNPT | CeeMe goes in company with "The Band by VinaPhone" music competition
CeeMe goes in company with "The Band by VinaPhone" music competition
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"The Band by VinaPhone" is a vibrant music playground that Vietnamese youths can participate in band form, held on a national scale. Participants of “The Band by VinaPhone” are Vietnamese bands and music groups living in the country and abroad, who love music, have the ability to compose, sing and perform. The groups can freely express themselves in songwriting, song selection and performance in a fair and colorful music playground.

The jury consists of three leading figures in the field of music (musician Le Minh Son, musician Duong Cam and choreographer Tran Ly Ly). After the preliminary and final examination, selected bands will officially enter the final round of the North on April 20 in Hanoi, of the Central Vietnam on April 28th in Danang, and of the South Vietnam on May 5th in Ho Chi Minh city. The night of the national final round is expected to take place one day later.

As the leader of the judges of "The Band", musician Le Minh Son said: "Art Contests will always have their positions. That's where unknown people, unknown talents, hide-away passions are found, encouraged, and set on fire. "

He added: "I am very interested in 'The Band' because this is a competition and not a television game show. Therefore, the quality of art is the first factor. Audiences will see the participants perform truly, without tricks and ..."

"The Band by VinaPhone" will grant 150 million VND in cash for the winning group. In addition, the organization board will also help the group to release their first album under the advices of well-known artists in Vietnamese music community. Achieving the highest position, the participant will also have the opportunity to become the representative band of VinaPhone and participate in events organized by VinaPhone and IB Group Vietnam.

As the competition is not a game show, "The Band" does not have a program script. The three regional final rounds and the national final round will be held in stadiums before thousands of spectators. Together with the jury, the audience is the judges to listen, judge and choose the winner.

Music lovers can follow all latest news from the competition in the special "house" of "The Band by VinaPhone" on CeeMe network. CeeMe will also broadcast all four livestreams of the regional final rounds and the national final round. As CeeMe goes in companion with "The Band by VinaPhone" from the very start, viewers can find CeeMe's logo on all media publications of the competition.