VNPT | VNPT focuses on developing digital services
VNPT focuses on developing digital services
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From 2017, VNPT has developed the VNPT 3.0 strategy with the goal of moving from a traditional telecommunications service provider (Telco) to a digital service provider (DSP). According to that strategy, VNPT will trade in digital and value-added services, services based on information technology, communication and information technology.

In 2017, VNPT installed more than 24,000 base stations, including 15,000 4G stations, bringing the total number of base stations to approximately 80,000.

As a result, VNPT's 2G, 3G availability reached 99.97%. The 4G network has also been covered in all provinces in the country with the quality is considered the leading download / upload speed in Vietnam.

Currently, VNPT has deployed 4G LTE network on 1800MHz band. Along with fixed broadband, 4G LTE is also a “lever” for VNPT to develop digital services. It is forecasted that sales in this segment will account for 23% in the 2016 - 2020 period.